Piro principals Daniel Rosenberg and Tim Piper have created everything from Hollywood blockbusters to low budget Cannes Grand Prix winning viral advertisements. They formed Piro with the belief that branded entertainment can and should be as engaging as mainstream entertainment. And that brands deserve better value for their entertainment investments than the market is currently offering. Visit "Work" and Chipotle's "Farmed and Dangerous" case study for a great example. 

Storytelling Is An Art

The best storytellers work in entertainment, not advertising. While advertising is an art too, it focuses more on finding a proposition (i.e. a persuasive moment) as opposed to a central conflict that engages an audience in a story. Advertising doesn't care about character development or story structure.

Neither industry has mastered the other's craft as much as they might pretend to. And to make matters worse for marketers, beyond the creativity, the business of storytelling and advertising could not be more different.

Piro's business and creative experience, relationships and credentials within the entertainment industry enable us to collaborate with top writers and creators on ideas that are born from brand strategy (or marketing need).

A branded entertainment idea should be inspired by the brand. But just as importantly, the story must be entertaining. Piro creates entertainment ideas based on a brand's need, then supervises, co-writes and produces the work. Our entertainment standards are high because your audience’s standards are too.

There are no marketing courses (that we are aware of) to help marketers learn the craft and business of brand-funded entertainment, so Piro has developed half-day and full-day workshops to help your team take advantage of entertainment - as opposed to being taken advantage of.

Email info@WeArePiro.com if you are interested in a storytelling workshop for your team.