A Rabbi walks into a bar

A Rabbi Walks Into a Bar juxtaposes thinkers from opposite sides of the philosophical spectrum: the 'nihilistic existentialist' meets the 'theistic idealist'.   The Rabbi presents a world conceived of and created by a single creator, with a moral code of good and evil defined and absolute. The philosopher presents an empirical world view with truth founded in experience, not belief.  For the philosopher, strength of character is the ability to exist and function with an acceptance of our eternal ignorance.  For the theist, strength of character is the morality of overcoming evil through the strong application of God's moral law.  These world views collide when the philosopher proposes that it is the certainty of monotheism that is the cause of immorality. For the philosopher, it is in certainty that evil is born.  When world views, held absolutely, collide, there is conflict.  Conflict breeds hate.  For the theist, the armor of religious certainty provides the moral foundation for society.  In a world without moral law, chaos and evil would prevail.  Philosophical universalism, meets theistic cultural integrity.