The Dove Films

One of the first truly viral advertisements ever, Dove “Evolution” was written and directed by Piro’s Tim Piper. As were its two companion pieces, including the critically-lauded “Onslaught”.

These works have been recognized as some of the most influential advertising ever.

Evolution won two Cannes Grand Prixs amongst several other industry best of shows and even a best of the decade. It was featured on the news globally and would be discussed for years. Onslaught also made global headlines, reached several organic YouTube viral honors, and was a Time Magazine top 5 ad of the year, despite never going to air.



One year after the success of Tim’s Dove Evolution, Unilever commissioned this web film to further promote the Dove Self-Esteem Fund. And lightning struck twice. A day after launch it became one of the most “watched, viewed, commented on, liked” videos on Youtube for the day, week and month - from an anonymous YouTube posting - without a cent spent on media promotion. A Time Magazine top 5 of the year amongst numerous industry accolades.



A change from the hard hitting style of Dove’s other films, this romantic story was an interactive video where you could replace the word “Amy “ with just about any other name and send it to a girl you love. A communication Arts winner, the film (“Amy” version) took on a life of its own and is still going viral today.