Farmed & Dangerous


Chipotle wanted to continue their conversation around industrial agriculture in America. But they wanted to do it in an entertaining way.


Working closely with Chipotle, we conceived, wrote, produced and directed the four-part satirical series "Farmed and Dangerous", focusing on the fictitious (but scarily close to reality) Industrial Food Image Bureau (IFIB) and the world of industrial farming. We also surrounded the show with a universe of elements designed to build awareness and get people talking. These included social teasers, print ads, merchandise and much more. Additionally, we partnered with the Huffington Post to create “Food for Thought”, a place to continue the conversation about farming and food.


By conservative estimates, the show delivered 800% ROI. It was found by Participant Media to be one of the most effective pieces of content ever created, and won three Cannes Lions and two Clios. “Food for Thought" became the most successful social impact section in Huffington Post history. And the show continues to give back to Chipotle; it was recently licensed to StudioCanal for distribution on their Canal+ channel. In effect Chipotle is being paid for their advertising!