Shredded Wheat, The Palace of Light


Post Shredded Wheat had been forgotten by many. But how do you get people to notice something that hasn’t changed in decades?


The insight – there’s a reason Post hasn’t changed the recipe; they didn’t need to. From that thought, Piro’s Tim Piper conceived, co-wrote, and directed Post Shredded Wheat’s “The Palace of Light”, celebrating a brand that put the “no” in innovation.


Shortly after the campaign was released, the webisodes received hundreds of thousands of unpaid views with an overwhelming popularity and perfect demographic traction. Additionally, Men’s Health magazine named it the No. 1 health cereal based on the premise of the campaign as well as many other honors. Industry honours include Cannes Titanium / 360 Bronze Lion, FAB (Food and Beverage) Creative Excellence, Webby, NY Addy Best in Show, and an Ad Age top 10