Piro places a primary emphasis on effectiveness. This focus leads not only to rewarding client relationships but also creative awards, PR and earned media.


The Chipotle "Farmed and Dangerous" case study perhaps best represents what we offer and demonstrates that branded entertainment can be effective from many perspectives. Far less expensive than traditional advertising, this project reached scale, was extremely engaging and very persuasive. Earning massive PR and social reach, it's one of the few branded entertainment examples to ever be shortlisted for the Cannes Effectiveness Awards. Not only did other advertisers buy media against the show because of its positive messaging, but the show was sold internationally. Meaning a network paid Chipotle to distribute their advertising, as opposed to the other way around.

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Video case study below:


Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder told us that our videos are the brand's most successful. They credit our videos to with propelling their lipstick  from #5 to #2 in the Chinese market. And Ferrero Rocher told us that our 30 second "Rolling" commercial is their most successful TVC ever.


Baby Einstein

According to Baby Einstein’s Brand Lift Study, our creative work was highlighted as being memorable, resulting in a view rate of over 50% and CTR of 39% and 49% respectively. Both were significantly over the YouTube benchmark view rate of 27%.

In terms of brand awareness, certain demographics saw a best-in-class 50%+ lift, meaning our results were among the top 25% for the peer set.


Ferrero Rocher

In the US market there was relatively low awareness of the Ferrero Rocher brand and product. We were briefed to find an interesting way demonstrate product credentials while also bringing to life the notion of "Celebration" – a core pillar of the Ferrero Rocher brand.

From Ferrero’s global head of marketing:

“The work is making waves in market and a real upsurge in brand equity. It’s doing everything we intended and more.”

Following its success in the US, the film is now rolling out globally.

Among those who would already consider purchasing the product, Ferrero Rocher’s Ad Awareness score grew from 25% to 42% - a much larger 17% increase - showing the advertisements are resonating even further with potential customers.

Additionally, during the same time frame, Ferrero Rocher’s Consideration Score (whether someone would consider purchasing from a brand) rose from +22 to +25, while their Word of Mouth Score (whether someone has talked about a brand with family or friends in the past two weeks) increased by 5 points - up from +6 to +11.

Ferrero Rocher – YouGov Ad of the Month UK, January 2019.