OUr Story


In a world of infinite choice, we believe the power of a story is stronger than ever. If someone doesn’t want to listen, shouting at them won’t help. On the other hand, if you’ve got something they want to hear, a simple sentiment will hold their attention.


So what’s stopping brands from telling stories?

We formed Piro with the belief that branded entertainment can and should be as engaging as mainstream entertainment. And that brands deserve better value for their entertainment investments than the market is currently offering.


Our Founders

Piro principals Daniel Rosenberg and Tim Piper have created everything from Hollywood blockbusters to low budget Cannes Grand Prix winning viral advertisements.

As a writer and director, Tim Piper has been responsible for some of the most viral advertising, including Unilever’s Dove Evolution, Dove Onslaught and the Becel Broken Escalator short. He has been listed as one of the World’s Top 50 Creative Thinkers by Creativity Magazine, and made Time Magazine’s Top 200 Most Influential People in the World. He co-wrote and directed Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous comedy series, Hulu’s most successful premier and a Cannes effectiveness winner. And was an executive producer on Bravo’s scripted comedy Odd Mom Out, which ran for three seasons and was a Time Magazine Top 15 best new shows on TV.

Daniel Rosenberg has  produced and written major motion pictures and television. He was personally responsible for developing Inside Man from a two sentence idea into one of the highest grossing films of its year. He has written pilots for FOX and ABC and developed for every major and many cable networks. He is an executive producer of Odd Mom Out (with Tim), currently in its third season.